Freeway Blogging IMPEACH NOW

Submitted by laurahitt on Wed, 06/13/2007 - 9:46am.

In the next few weeks, we will be doing "freeway blogging" to promote the IMPEACH NOW Forum. If you've never tried your hand at this - please join us!! It is a fun and powerful way to reach hundreds, possibly thousands of people.

Our signs will read:


Austin IMPEACH NOW Forum OR Just...

How to "freeway blog":

1. Find cardboard (any old box will do).

2. Cut it to the size you want.

3. Paint it white (cheap gallon of white paint - $4-$8)

4. Paint your message in large black letters (at least 9 inches tall to read from freeway). I use an overhead projector to make it look professional - no need to do this.

5. Attach to visible overpasses, telephone/electrical poles, guardrails, parking garages - BE CREATIVE... but remember safety first always!!


If you would like to help with this project, or get a quick idea of how it's done... we will be getting together at my home on Thursday, June 28th at 7pm. Please leave a response in the comment section to let us know you're coming... OR - you can reach me at!!

For more information on freeway blogging... Go to the website of the amazing guy who began this phenonmenon: