ACTIONS: Bush Movin' Out Day - Austin Event

Thursday, July 19th was Bush "Movin' Out" Day in Austin.. this is a campaign organized by Military Families Speak Out ( If you haven't seen their YouTube video yet, go to the link

Here is what we did, feel free to do this on your own time:
1. Take a moving box and tape it flat like a postcard
2. On one side - address it to
George Bush 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC 20500
3. On the other side - add your message (see video for examples)
4. Take it to the post office and mail it!

We lined-up together to deliver our MOVING BOXES to George!!

We also stood on the corner of 6th & Guadelupe with our "honk to impeach" signs. Austin gave us quite a honkin' response!!
For more information about organizing another Movin' Out event, contact me at

Laura Hitt