Partial List of Audience Questions from the Austin "Impeach Now" Forum

Submitted by doug on Mon, 07/30/2007 - 11:02pm.

Below please find some of the Audience questions that where submitted on cards at the forum. We are posting them here to further the discussion. There were many more question cards submitted but we regret that some that were on the speaker's table and kept in the entry room were thrown out before we realized the value of posting them.

Please post your forum comments by referencing the question in the list to help others. Thanks.

1. “Has the ‘weakening’ of our state militias (e.g. National Guard + equipment) by sending ‘everything’ to Iraq been a deliberate ploy by the fascist beurocrats to prevent any possibility of opposition to a Bush massacre of local activists?
2. “We need to prove that Bush was not legally or at least legitimately elected. Bush is not our elected president. What about a class action suit?”
3. “It appears that the conservative crime syndicate has successfully installed an ecclesiastical (5 Catholic) conservative block to the Supreme Court. The recent Fed. Court ruling preventing suit for NSA spying seems to indicate a corrupted justice system. How do we combat this circumstance?
4. Would not the events of 9/ll suggest such a complicity of Cheney and the Bush regime—i.e. calling the stand down of our air force for ????????
5. “Torture of children as young as 12 at Gitmo has been testified to by James Yee, a serving U.S. soldier.”
6. Would carrying out a “massive” demonstration march simultaneously on the headquarters of the major media…demanding full, in-depth, coverage, of the truth when news reporting have a useful, salutary effect?
7. “You haven’t discussed the effects of corporate campaign contributions on the legislators who are supposed to represent all the people. Impeachment of Bush and Cheney is not going to address that. How do we go about getting election reform, campaign finance reform and the revocation of the myth of corporate personhood?”
8. “Is Bush’s commutation of Libby’s sentence a legal precedent for corrupt government officials to get off ‘Scooter’ free? Does it set a precedent for Bush and Cheney to get off their crimes?”
9. “Do you think fear is a factor in the public reluctance to oppose congress and the president? How can we deal w/ that factor?”
10. “Power concedes nothing without demand—How shall we make our demand?”
11. “Do you think the day will come when we citizens will have to march on the White House and drag Bush and Cheney out and reclaim our government?”
12. “Are there plans for demonstrations, e-mail campaigns, letter writing?”
13. “Would it be worthwhile for us to petition the city or the state to pass a resolution for impeachment?”
14. “Why has there not been more effort made in impeaching Bush/Cheney? How can we ‘light a fire’ under Nancy Pelosi to start the proceedings?”
15. “Can the signing statements be challenged in court?”
16. “What is the shortest, and longest, amount of time it could possibly take, in your opinion, to impeach both Cheney and Bush, starting immediately? Also, if we succeed, who might be likely to replace them? Must he/she be confirmed (by the Senate)?”